Our students love to learn

As our school has grown and matured, we have nevertheless held fast to the warm family feeling that existed when the original 20 students first started school in the 1990s in a small villa in downtown Tianjin.


To that end our school continues to promote opportunities for our youngest and oldest students to come together as members of the same school family, including participation in shared events and celebrations, shared facilities, and shared service and mentoring experiences.

Our students are as diverse in their passions, interests, and dreams as they are in their ages and experiences, and languages and cultures.


It is our community’s shared mission to work together to provide a genuinely welcoming and inclusive learning environment in which each student develops genuine resilience and self-confidence while enjoying agency and opportunity to achieve his or her unique potential. In championing the bold assertion that “all students love to learn”, our school actively promotes balance in both educational experiences and personal interests, and we celebrate all kinds of student success.

Come meet just a few of our special young people, and to learn how each one contributes his or her unique thread to the colourful tapestry of our school culture, community and history.


“I’m really interested in XR immersive technologies; through the blend of physical and virtual world, I get to see and feel things that were impossible in a standard classroom 


“IST has always given me wonderful opportunities, including bringing state-of-the-art daily live broadcasting (MIST) to our community and exploring the depths of my creativity by designing our magazine of exemplary student work, Writers’ INK” 


“I like learning Math at school, but the thing that I really love is RECESS and playing in the sandpit and playground!” 


“I’ve always had a passion for Chinese; it’s a language with a fascinating history that has always interested me, being so unique and different to all others.” 


“I have always been passionate about Art. For me, it is not just a subject, it’s an interest and hobby that also helps me with my academic skills and develops my general creativity.” 


“The beauty of discussion and its power to help people overcome challenges impresses me. I love to contribute to the IST community through the Literacy Lab and a variety of other organizations!”  


“I love being Vice President of our Elementary Student Council, but not as much as I love reading!” 


“My favourite things to do at school include spending time with my friends and learning about different subjects. I especially like Music and developing my rhythm skills and keeping a steady beat.” 


“Math is my favorite subject and exercise my hobby; at IST I have the opportunity to do both.” 


“As President of the Elementary Student Council I get to do some of the things I most love, like organizing meetings with everyone and talking about ideas to make IST a better place for us all.” 

Hyeon Jun

“The beauty of science lies in its inherent uncertainties. The well-equipped facilities and curriculum at IST allow me to recognize, refine, and adjust to such uncertainties through self-driven scientific investigations.” 

Tian Luo

“My favorite passion is studying Mathematics; I love the special feeling of satisfaction that occurs when you solve a really complex problem. I hope to work in a Math related field when I am older!”

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