Emergency Preparedness

IST has detailed emergency procedure plans to ensure the safety of our students and other community members in the event of emergencies and heightened health and safety risk situations. For example, students and employees at IST regularly take part in emergency drills for fires, earthquakes, and lockdowns.

IST has also developed an emergency contact system, which utilizes an Emergency Telephone Tree so that parents can be contacted immediately. It is essential that parents submit a current emergency contact form to the school office, upon request. Parents must inform the school of any subsequent change to their telephone number without delay.

To learn more about IST emergency procedures, please the following PDFs related to specific emergencies

Emergency telephone tree instructions – CN
Emergency Telephone Tree Instructions – EN
Emergency telephone tree instructions – KR
Standard evacuation details
Earthquake evacuation details
Air quality index protocol and school-wide clean air filtration system
Fog day information
Fog day instructions – EN
Fog day instructions – CN
Fog day instructions – KR
School lock down information
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