Student Government

IST’s school philosophy explicitly identifies the need for us all to look beyond our immediate needs in order to safeguard our common future. For this reason our students engage in learning experiences aimed at helping them understand that they have a duty to the wider community.

One such experience is active participation in student government. IST students are therefore participate in –and are represented by – the Elementary and Secondary School Student Councils. The main purpose of each of our student councils is outlined in their respective constitutions; however, common to both is the desire to:

  • Promote the good of all members of the school community
  • Provide students with a voice and a means to carry out the overall objectives of the student body
  • Improve the school atmosphere
  • Prepare students for global responsibilities
  • Prepare students for global responsibilities
  • Represent the Student Body to the administration, faculty and IST community
  • Foster pride and positive spirit
  • Raise funds for the good of the student body and the IST community or those causes chosen that are supported by Student Council

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