Library & Information Literacy Center

IST’s philosophy and definition of high quality teaching and learning is founded upon a deep commitment to the promotion of multilingualism and literacy, including the information literacy and research technology skills necessary for learning success in our rapidly changing and information rich world. 


At the heart of this commitment lies our stunning state-of-the-art IST Library and Information Literacy Center, a nucleus and nexus for inquiry and learning, connecting traditional academic disciplinary knowledge and excellence with the enormous and rapidly expanding catalogue of contemporary and future oriented content knowledge and skills.

Our library is a friendly place where our community is inspired and challenged to think critically, read widely, act ethically, value creativity and defend the right to access to information. Our librarians and staff believe:

  • Reading is a window to the world.
  • Inquiry provides a framework for learning.
  • Ethical behavior in the use of information must be taught.
  • Technology skills are crucial for future employment needs.
  • Equitable access is a key component of education.

(These beliefs have been adopted from the American Association of School Librarians.)


With over 28,000 titles in more than 6 languages, the IST Library is the largest of any international school in Tianjin. We strive to bring all members of the IST community a wide variety of reading choices, whether purely for pleasure or for teaching and learning. The Library organizes author visits, book clubs for students and adults, information sessions for parents, as well as two annual book fairs. The Library is also home to the Literacy Lab, a student-managed and staffed learning center open during lunch and after school that supports the acquisition of literacy skills across the school and promotes a culture of learning.


IST’s Library is staffed by two highly skilled and experienced teacher librarians and two assistant librarians, whose passion and pleasure it is to support the inquiry and learning interests and needs of our community. Students can check out materials during scheduled sessions as well as during recess, lunch, and after school. Parents are also welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the ample resources and check out materials for their personal and family use.

The library’s OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and extensive online reading and research resources also can be accessed at

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