Community Safeguarding Framework

The Community Safeguarding Framework sits at the center of our school-wide efforts to promote the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of the entire IST Community. It is decidedly child-centered and places matters of child protection and safety at the forefront of school policies, community practices and administrative decision making. 


IST policies, practices and procedures aimed at child protection and child welfare are further guided by the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of the Child (1990) and reinforced by our School Philosophy.

The Community Safeguarding Framework Model contains Eight Essential Domains arising from IST Board of Governors ‘Community Safeguarding’ Policy 5.1j, that both govern the scope of our commitment and demonstrate the depth of our efforts to preserve the integrity and wellbeing of all members of the IST Community.


Each of the Essential Domains is further structured by Mission and Objectives statements. These statements are written in such a way as to reflect the assertive and inclusive statements of the IST School Philosophy.

To learn more about Community Safeguarding at IST, please download the following ‘CSF Overview’ PDF

IST Community Safeguarding Framework
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