Our school holds a special place in the memories of graduates, past students, and former staff and faculty members. Learn about how you can stay in touch with our school and with the other community members who like you have contributed to the unique tapestry of our school.

Our school’s mission and philosophy has always been to promote a sense of belonging to a family, of belonging to something special and enduring, something that connects our school’s past with our present and with our future.


As our school continues to grow and flourish, and as our former students, parents, and staff spread out across the world embracing new challenges and adventures, we are mindful of the importance of actively protecting and celebrating the community threads that will forever bind us together as an international community who have shared the wonderful experience of living in Tianjin and attending IST.


The IST and Tianjin experience has touched us all, and it is therefore our continued mission to help us all – and especially our Alumni – remain connected to this special place and to the wonderful friends and colleagues who helped shape who we are, and who collectively shape our common future.

We encourage all IST Alumni – and former parents, support staff, faculty and friends – to become active members of our Alumni association, and in so doing continue to nurture the tight bonds of our shared experience here in Tianjin and beyond.


Active membership of our association will mean that you will receive the regular news and information about our school and community, as well as the latest updates on the adventures and achievements of our IST friends around the world. It would also mean that there is a channel through which IST and its global family can support each other in various ways.


We also encourage you to visit and “LIKE” the IST Alumni Facebook Page to keep in constant touch with updates from the your IST family in Tianjin.

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