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  • IST offers your children a welcoming, inclusive international school experience,
    where skilled and committed teachers deliver an outstanding IB education
    in an environment of quality learning resources and world-class facilities.

  • IST为您的孩子提供真正的国际化教育体验。

  • IST는 높은 수준의 경력을 가진 교사들이 가르치고,
    세계 권위있는 국제 교육 기관들의 검증을 받은,
    그리고 세계 최고의 국제 학교들이 가르치는 교육 경험을 여러분 자녀에게 제공해 드립니다.

  • THE IST CAMPUS Our state-of-the-art campus grounds



THE BLAZE - ENG / View Blog
  • The Blaze Newsletter – February 27th 2015

    Dear Parents and Students Welcome back after what I hope was a most enjoyable and relaxing Chinese New Year Vacation. Although there were fewer fireworks than normal this year, it was nevertheless still a very spectacular celebration! During the vacation the school purchased a Nespresso coffee machine for the PFO community room in the Qin […]

  • The Blaze Newsletter – February 6th 2015

    Dear Parents and Students We had a great turnout of parents and other community members for this week’s PFO meeting and the terrific China Bazaar that followed. In addition to the opportunity to shop at the bazaar, learn a little more about ManageBac, and to be entertained by three scintillating presentations by the school’s academic […]

  • The Blaze Newsletter – January 30th 2015

    Dear Parents and Students At Monday morning’s secondary assembly the audience was left spellbound by five student speakers from the IB Diploma Programme who shared their candid and moving experiences of “Growing Up International” and what this has meant to them. This was part of the ‘GEN-Z Talks’ –based on the same concept as TED […]

  • The Blaze Newsletter – January 23rd 2015

    Dear Parents and Students All students should have received Semester 1 Reports last Friday, outlining the progress made over the semester and setting learning goals for the remainder of the school year. While we are very proud of the achievements of all of our students thus far, we cannot understate the importance of using these […]

  • The Blaze Newsletter – January 16th 2015

    Dear Parents and Students Today you should have received copies of your children’s Semester 1 Progress Reports, outlining their learning successes over the semester and identifying areas for continued improvement for the coming semester. You will note that the format of these reports is markedly different to those previously issued, and this is because we […]

THE BLAZE - KOR / View Blog
  • 블레이즈 뉴스레터 – 2015년 2월 27일

    학생 그리고 학부모님께, 즐겁고 편안한 춘절 연휴 보내셨기를 바랍니다. 비록 예년보다 불꽃 놀이는 줄었지만 그래도 여전히 멋진 구경거리를 선사해 주었습니다! 연휴 기간 동안 학교는 친 빌딩 PFO 룸을 위한 네스프레소 커피 기계를 구입하였습니다. 리얼 에스프레소를 만들어 드시고 싶으신 분들은 초등/중등/메인 사무실에서 커피 캡슐(60 RMB/10개)을 구입하시면 됩니다. 한 두개의 캡슐은 여러분의 핸드백이나 주머니에도 쉽게 넣어 다니실 […]

  • The Blaze Newsletter – February 13th 2015

    학생 그리고 학부모님께, 학생 그리고 학부모님께, 비록 오늘은 13일의 금요일이긴 하지만 실제로 이곳 IST에서는 불운과 어둠을 제외한 모든 것을 보여준 하루였습니다. 중국 문화와 전통의 기념하는 다채로운 한 주를 보내며 멋진 새해의 징조를 느낄 수 있었습니다. 차이나 위크를 통해 모든 종류의 중국적인 것을 체험할 수 있었고 이들 행사의 마지막을 장식한 사자춤과 템플 페어는 말의 해를 보내고 […]

PHE NEWS / View Blog
  • PHE News 14-15 (2-23-2015)

        From Blaze, in the dragon’s lair    Result within the last week(s). This week was the start of season 3 so the students have been busy practicing in readiness for a very busy month of sport during March.              This week- Events and Activities- Week 2 of season 3. Monday- […]

  • PHE News 14-15 (2-9-2015)

        From Blaze, in the dragon’s lair      Result within the last week(s). The elementary badminton tournament was a great success last Thursday. The ISCOT tournament seen a win to Qiqi in G3, 2nd place for Jin A and 3rd place for Coco in G5.    This week- Events and Activities- Start of season 3 […]

  • PHE News 14-15 (2-2-2015)

            From Blaze, in the dragon’s lair     Result within the last week(s). The high school basketball team are currently participating in Guangzhou. They have found it physically demanding and currently fighting for the top four. Good luck in their competition tomorrow!   This week- Events and Activities- This is the week gap between season […]

  • PHE News 14-15 (1-26-2015)

      From Blaze, in the dragon’s lair      Result within the last week(s). Middle school students traveled participated in their final ISAC tournaments yesterday. All students participated well against the big Beijing schools. The U13/12 girls were the bowl cup winners and the U12 boys finished 3rd. Thanks to all the students who participated in the […]

  • PHE News 14-15 (1-19-2015)

         From Blaze, in the dragon’s lair     Result within the last week(s). High school basketball friendly games were held against TEDA on Monday. Both teams had strong wins. ISAC basketball on Saturday- Woo hoo. The ISAC girls team won the tournament. Congratulations girls! The boys finished 5th. ISCOT Middle school table tennis at […]