The Design Centre and Information Technology



"IST’s approach to preparing our students with 21st century technology skills is to integrate and make effective use of information and communication technologies (ICT) across all subjects."


The newly constructed Design Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art laser cutting technology, 3D printers, CAD workstations, Robotics and the latest interactive LED screens for teaching. This is a place where students’ creativity and innovation is nurtured and their excellence in Design and Technology applications is developed. The Centre also includes a green screen studio and an audio recording studio.

Our education program offers students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 computer coding skills, robotics, food science, and digital and product design. Elementary students have a focus on STEM related projects which then leads into a secondary curriculum that includes a Design Diploma course.


Our primary platform for teaching and learning is Apple/Macintosh, though Windows is also supported throughout the school. WordPress blogs are used widely on the Elementary Campus as a tool for communicating general activities taking place in the classroom. ManageBac is used as the main virtual learning platform to communicate with parents school wide.
ICT Guiding Principles

  • Appropriate ICT use is an essential component of optimal learning environments
  • ICT creates new teaching and learning opportunities that improve student learning and understanding.
  • ICT encourages fundamentally different forms of interaction between students, teachers, and the community. It contributes to a learner-centered, collaborative, engaging learning environment.
  • ICT provides the means for students to explain, interpret and apply their knowledge.
  • ICT provides students with an opportunity to work with the design cycle- Investigate, Plan, Create, and Evaluate.
  • ICT allows teachers to meet the diverse learning needs of students by adapting to individual goals and learning styles.

Access to IST computers and the school’s wireless network is a privilege available to students at IST. With privilege comes responsibility. Our goal in providing this service is to enhance student learning and teach them about being responsible citizens in the 21st century. The guidelines below are in alignment with the IST Rights and Responsibilities.
Student Responsibility:

  • I will accept responsibility for proper use of school technology and for reporting any misuse of technology.
  • I will respect the privacy and dignity of students and teachers at all times and will not use, copy, or delete another user’s files, folders, or passwords.
  • I am responsible for keeping secret any passwords given to me and updating these regularly.
  • I will not intentionally alter existing software, hardware or network systems and their settings.
  • I will respect school equipment and not vandalize it.
  • I will not spread computer viruses or malicious software of any kind and will take precautionary measures to prevent such a spread (i.e. regularly scanning flash drives for viruses).
  • I will not play games on the computer during school hours, unless a teacher has given consent.