Counseling Department

The IST School Counseling program helps to promote the overall wellness of K-12 students by offering a comprehensive, preventative, and accessible program in the areas of academic, personal/social, career, and global perspective domains.


IST Counseling services offered, but not limited to, under each domain include:

Academic Development

Study Skills Development Learning Styles

Organization skills Tutoring Referrals

Grade Improvement Presentation Skills

Goal Setting Decision Making

Career Development

Career Exploration Resources

Classroom Guidance University Planning and Beyond

University Planning Workshops for Parents

Individual University Planning

PSAT/SAT Testing

University Representative visits

Interview Skills

Personal/Social Development

Individual Counseling

Parent Conferences

Group Counseling

Decision Making

Grief Management

Peer Conflict Resolution


Group Topic Support Lessons

New Student Orientation

Transition Presentations

Parent Workshops

Goal Setting

Classroom Guidance Lessons

Action Groups

Clear and Imminent Danger

In the case of imminent danger that has been disclosed and determined by the counselor, the issue must be urgently addressed. Students who disclose a risk of suicide or harm to others will be immediately reported to Administration and the parent will be immediately contacted. A professional evaluation and clearance by a physician, licensed psychologist, or psychiatrist, as well as a re-entry meeting with the School Principal and School Counselor is required before a student is granted permission to continue classes.

Limit of Services and Community Referrals

Professional School Counselors holding Master’s level credentials in School Counseling are formally trained to assist students with concerns in academic, social and career areas. Although school counselors have been trained in various counseling techniques, school counselors are not capable to provide psychological or medical diagnoses. A formal diagnosis may be obtained by a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist or medical physician.

For more details please download the school counseling handbook here.

Counselors' Contacts:

Kisha Hugh: (for Guidance & College Counseling)

Rebecca Jiang: (for Guidance Counseling)

The two counselors' offices are located on the second floor of the secondary school building.