Student Support Services

At IST, the Student Services Departments include English as a Second Language (ESL), Individual Needs (I.N.), Counseling and Child Protection.

The Student Services Department enables students for whom English is an additional language and students with individual learning or emotional and social needs to participate fully in the various academic and related social programs of the school.

IST supports the belief that all students should be allowed to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding under conditions that meet their individual needs. To that end, IST offers an array of accommodations including, but not limited to, specialized staff, in-class support, small classes and appropriately structured lessons.

Some students experiencing academic and/or behavior difficulties may not have a defined disability/disorder or require learning support to meet their individual educational needs. In such cases, adjustments to the regular education program will address a student's specific needs without having individual needs support or professional diagnosis. Should a student require more specific support they will be referred to the Student Support Team.


IST expects that all enrolled students are included in mainstream classes for the majority of the school week. Inclusion at IST aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by developing a differentiated and supported program meeting the needs of each student. This is achieved by a culture that upholds and respects the partnership between all stakeholders so that the interests of all students within IST are safeguarded.

IST believes that all students should have access to an appropriate education that affords them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential.


The Student Service Team comprises the Elementary or Secondary Principal, Student Support Coordinator and/or Individual Needs Teacher and the Counselor. Other stakeholders may be invited for specific meetings. At IST, the Student Support Team (SST) works in collaboration to help promote student success in the mainstream classroom. Where necessary the SST develops Individual Education Plans (IEP). An IEP is developed for a student who has significant support needs.


IST Board of Governors Policy 5.1j ‘Safety, Health, and Security’

Staff members shall conscientiously follow all school procedures intended to assure the safety, health, and security of the students and all others participating in school activities or using the school’s facilities. This shall include compliance with requirements for medical examinations as set by the school and the government of China. This shall also include compliance with school regulations pertaining to child protection (see IST Child Protection Guidelines in the Student Services Handbook) requiring reporting of indications of child abuse, as well as compliance with procedures for investigation of complaints of workplace harassment.

At IST we recognize it is our duty to ensure that arrangements are in place for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children, to work together with other organizations and partners in order to achieve this and to protect and keep students safe whilst in our care. We fully acknowledge our responsibilities for child protection and recognize that through our day-to-day contact with students that school staff are well placed to identify signs of risk and harm.

We recognize that for students, high self-esteem, confidence, risk awareness and good lines of communication help to reduce risks. We recognize that for some students, school may be the only stable, secure and consistent environment in their lives. All members of the IST community will be made aware of the role and responsibilities of the school with regards to safeguarding and promoting student welfare, and of the existence of the school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and related documentation in Parent and Staff handbooks, in the IST policy manual, via the school website and IST social media sites and through initial hiring,

Child abuse and neglect are of growing concern in schools throughout the world and are violations of a child’s human rights. They are obstacles to children's education as well as to their physical, emotional, and spiritual development.

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