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The unfortunate advent of the Covid-19 crisis presented IST and all schools with an unprecedented challenge to develop a clear and coherent plan for learning that can reasonably meet the demands of a wide variety of students scattered in different parts of the globe. At the same time, this crisis has afforded us a remarkable opportunity to expand the work of our exceptional teaching staff and to develop a stronger, more comprehensive approach to high-quality online learning that reflects the unique ethos of IST.


Overview – Online learning requires a unique set of skills and disciplines in order to be truly successful. Regular school days at IST provide students with 5hours and 20minutes of lesson time each day. A proper online learning model does not replicate the same timeframe or structure as the standard school day. As such, a purely synchronous model of classes where students attend a “live-lesson” according to their daily schedule of classes is both inappropriate and ineffective; So too is a purely asynchronous approach where students receive large amounts of work and are otherwise left to their own devices to manage their learning. High-quality learning requires a different approach.

The IST online learning model reconciles these two methods by allowing for a mix of both synchronous and asynchronous learning with an important element of Interactive Learning built into the online learning environment.

The IST model is structured along an approximate division of 20% Direct Instruction, 20% Interactive Learning and 60% Self-directed Learning.

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IST - Online