Administrative and Support Staff

Steve Moody


Michael Conway

Secondary Principal

Deputy Director

Justin Lobsey

Elementary Principal

Christina Song

Administrative &

Admissions Offices Manager

Angela Diao

Elementary Secretary &

Admissions Officer

Louisa Wang

Secondary Secretary &

Admissions Officer

Tracy Feng

Front Desk Secretary

Linda Zhang

Administrative Officer

Liu Ying

Administrative Assistant

Zhang Hongman

School Nurse

Fan Wei

School Nurse

Caroline Park

Korean Liaison & Translator

Jenny Zhai

Chief Financial Officer

Ahnita Zhang

Chief Accountant

Nina Ni


Viola Song


Cindy Li

Finance Officer

Krystal Han


Susan He

Purchasing Manager

Yuan Shan


Amrita Singh

Head of Advancement & Communications

Frances Tschoepel

Advancement & Communications Officer

Lu Lu

Publications Officer

Frances Zhang

Human Resources Manager

Vickey Liu

Human Resources Officer

Frank Jiang

Director of Operations

Robin Liu

Operations Secretary

Adam Liu

Maintenance & Cleaning Supervisor

Richard Li

Facilities & Security Supervisor

Betty Bai

Facilities Secretary

Dora Hu

IT Manager

Neo Zhang

Database Manager

Sun Jie

System Administrator

Jacky Zhang

System Administrator

Isaac Wang

System Administrator

Tony Liu

System Administrator

Joseph Zhou

Theatre & IT Engineer

Lisa Fang

Library Officer

Guo Ying

Activities Officer

Durian Wang

Activities Officer