IST Green Team Solar Panel Project




During Earth Week 2018 (April 23-27), IST launched a community-wide initiative to bring a change for the betterment of the Earth's environment.

This initiative, spearheaded by the Student Action Group ‘Green Team’, is raising funds for the installation of 380 solar panels at IST to offset much of the electricity that we use to power our lights.

This is a time in which to formally focus our attention on our responsibility as custodians of our planet. The first two sentences of the third paragraph of our school philosophy statement draw clear attention to this responsibility: ‘Our common future requires that we all look beyond our immediate needs. For this reason, our students learn that they have a duty to the wider community and to the environment.’



We have been delighted by the support that this community effort has generated. If you wish to contribute please download a donors form from the link at the bottom of this page, print it out, fill it and send it to the school's Finance office with the amount that you wish to donate. Your support is needed and appreciated!


The students of the Green Team are grateful for the donations that IST families, students, staff and friends have contributed to this project. There are still 182 panels that need funding. While individual and family donations are very welcome and appreciated, we also would like to invite companies to make corporate donations. The Advancement office is helping the Green Team to do this. Please see the information regarding corporate sponsorship opportunities of the solar panels below:



Please help to propagate this with your company and contact our Advancement office at for further questions. Thank you for your support of this exemplary green initiative by IST students.






Thank You Donors!

The IST Green Team and the IST Community would like to thank our first corporate donor Volkswagen Automatic Transmission (Tianjin) Co. Ltd., for sponsoring 25 panels, and showing their support to this student initiated project and thereby their commitment to the earth's environment and also being a good role-model for the younger generation.

Thank you Volkswagen!

The IST Green Team and the IST Community would like to thank the following donors for their generous contributions to the school's Solar Panel Fundraising project, thereby ensuring that they have done their bit towards making our Earth a more sustainable place for our future generations:
Diamond Level
(10 panels +)
Gold Level Donors (4-9 panels) Silver Level Donors (2-3 panels) Bronze Level Donors
(1 panel)
Patron Level Donors (1/2 panel) Supporter Level Donors (1/4 panel) Solar Panel Fund Contributors (RMB 50-499)
Zhou Family IST Class of 2018 Eason Wang, Wendy Wang Stride/Li Schroeder Family IST HR Department Wu Mu Yang
Yu Family Wendy & Wenhan Zhang's Family Portie Family Singh Family Tomas Kmit Kathy Liu Li Zhi Fei
Benson Chuang, Justin Chuang

Laura & Wanting Wang

IST Bus Company The Conway Family IST IT Support Team Diegel Family Jun Seo Yu
Xue Family Wang Family Diegel Family Melanie & Martin Farley Family Tung Sen LI


Moody Family Zhou Xin Yuan IST Grade 7S Rokho & Soui Lee Ke Xin Yan
Dunbar Family Gueorguiev Family Klassen Family Anna Helene Neumann

Seung Jin Oh

Oudot Family Caroline Park, Jun Seo Yu, Jun Hee Yu IST Class of 2018 April (Eurest) Danny, Evan,
Jae Ik

Jianxiang Tao & Jianhe Tao Thomas Shih & Allen Li are the best Raynal Family Jack (Eurest) Hye Won Cho
Pangzhihan Leo Li Hongying, Ma Ying, Li Dong, Kim Hyun Ae Brenna Beri Seong Yeon & Seong Hui Lukas Rousek, Ondrej Rousek
IST PFO Committee 2017-18 IST Chinese Staff Association Sumit Patel Lu Lu Ivan Zhao Song
Kjeldgaard Family Claire Wang, Chloe Wang Amit Mishra Taku Iwanaga,
Noe Iwanaga
Hye Song Cho
Pizza Bianca Meili Visser Marilou Prepognot

Seong Yeon & Seong Hui Anne An
Yuqing Mao Christina Song & Johnina Chen Jared Taylor Lu Lu Harry Wang

Max Zhu, Remy Zhu

IST Ayis Bavana, Tabana, Madhu Family Rothweiler Tongjin, Aimee Zheng

Shanghai MT Green Power Co. Ltd.

IST Guards Mario Vieira, Heloisa Vieira Vidler/Driggs Seghir-Bakir Family

Business Tianjin/ Tianjin Plus Media

Tschoepel Family IST CAS Project 2019

Calvignac Family Neal & Fleming Kolnik
Anonymous Donor Jenny Zhai; Frank Jiang Shang Fei Alexander Hoffman
IST Operations Team Yun Bai Stephanie Yang
Helen Wang, Jennifer Liu, Windy Wen, Fu Ping Micolod Family IST Grade 1
Family Martha, Lotta Majewski Zixuan Meng's Family IST Grade 7S
IST Finance & Purchasing Team Jared Taylor Gavin Yong
Richard, Nina, Wenjun, Hongman, Guoying, Lucy Lebo Yao Family Arbo-Bahr Family
Chen Yu-Han Schongart Family IST Class of 2018
Lewis-Sterling FamilyMunjal Family (Kanika)
Zhang FamilyAdonia Guo
Kevin & Leah ZhaoAotearoa
Kunimi & Fernando BermudezIST CAS Project 2019
IST Secondary Arts Department
McMulkin Family
The Craigs
Jung Seongbin
Centerman Family
Arthur Lin
Trey, Yoshiko, Rod Waters
Alden, Beatrice & Madeline Schaaf
Gemma Jeon
Family Maziejuk
Sabrina Batalova and Lukas Werth
Aussie Panel
Ostergaard Family
Seong Wooh Yang
IST Grade 1
Jeremy Cao
Dr. Davies, H. Bodha, J. Thorns from Sc. Dept.
HaYoung, HyunSeung Chang
Solar Dragons (Luke & Will Inghram)
Prepognot Family
Family Pithard
Montanari Family
Liao Family
Brose-Busch Family
In Memory of Georgiy Chernov
(2 anonymous donor families)
Vergnes Family
Raynal Family
Yan Family
Jiusi Pei & Homer Pei
Jason Lin, Jason Zhang, Amy Liu, Vivian Zhao
Bernal Family (David & Daniel)
Family Korzinovski
Marina Babaeva
Amy Feng
Coco Mu & The Green Team
Tadeas, Rachel, Eric, Vinson, Nikolas, Sanbao
Danny (Zixian) Xu
Guo Family
IST CAS Project 2019

Click on one of the images to download the relevant donor form:

Individual/Family Donor Form

Corporate Sponsor Form