Health Forms

In the case of a serious injury the parent will be notified, and the child will be taken to the TJUFH located in Southern Meijiang area. In order to enable the school to handle medical emergencies effectively, all parents must fill out the Health Information forms (Application form D & form E) and submit them promptly to the school. Parents are asked to update this information annually. In addition, parents must inform the school nurse of any changes in their child’s medical condition.


Should your child require medication during the course of the school day, the medication must be held and administered by the school nurse. Students are not permitted to carry medication on the school campus for self-administration. Before medication may be administered, parents need to fill out the Medical Request Form, which is available from the clinic. Parents are encouraged to telephone the clinic directly to discuss medication and medical concerns with the school nurse. The school nurse must be notified if a child is on short-term or long-term medication.

A doctor’s note is required following an absence of six or more consecutive school days due to a major illness, communicable disease, or injury. The doctor’s note should state that the student may return to class, as well as noting if there are any physical restrictions.