Communicable Diseases

The aims of school policy regarding communicable diseases are the care of the individual student and the prevention and containment of disease among students and staff.

Parents will keep children with communicable diseases at home during the period of their illness and convalescence. Parents shall inform the school’s medical personnel of any communicable disease their child has contracted, except for minor coughs and colds. In the case of notifiable diseases, the parents shall also inform the relevant local government authority.

A student who becomes ill at school with a communicable disease, including coughs and colds, will first be isolated from his/her fellow students and then sent home at the discretion of the school’s medical personnel. Parents of sick students are expected to comply with the nurse’s request to come to school to collect their children. In the case of serious communicable diseases, including influenza, measles and chicken pox, students require clearance by the school’s medical personnel prior to re-admission to school.

During times of actual or threatened endemics or pandemics of a communicable disease the school will comply with all government directives and will also devise special regulations and procedures for prevention or containment. These special regulations will be published in print and electronically for the IST community.

The director is authorized to terminate the enrollment of students whose parents demonstrate chronic failure to comply with school’s policies regarding communicable diseases.