Cafeteria FAQs

Dear Parents and students,

In this sheet, you will find some basic information about our services with the school and some frequently asked questions parents and students usually have at the start of the school term.

We would like to thank you in advance for choosing Chartwells catering services, and to invite you to contact us at any point with your suggestions, comments and why not your home recipes, to find the best nutritional approach to your children.

Sincerely yours,

Chartwells Management

What does the cafeteria service offer?

Nursery – G1 are given a set menu which is table served in cafeteria or taken to their classrooms. A set meal consists of 1 main dish (meat or protein dish), starch, vegetables, fruits, and 1 choice of drink (milk, Yoghurt or Yakult).

G2 – G5 set menu : set meal consists of free flow of raw vegetables, fruits, soup and bread, 1 choice between 2 main dishes (meat or protein dish + starch), 1 choice of drink selection: milk, Yoghurt, Yakult or 100% Juice (add 2.00 RMB) and 1 choice of daily dessert. Note: desserts and drinks are not free flow.

G6-G12 set menu : Simply add 10.00 RMB (Soup or Salad, Fruit or Dessert and 1 Drink) to any of the a la carte dishes served from the Eat Global station to enjoy your super value combo meal Note: desserts and drinks are not free flow. In addition there is a range of A La Carte choices from fresh salads & sandwiches, sushi, Italian and wide variety of food options.

Morning Snacks : offered to Kindergarten to G1 students upon request. This consists of a main snack (i.e.: mini sandwich, dim sum, cake, etc) and seasonal fruit cut.

Morning snacks are only available if lunch menus have been purchased.

We insist in providing Healthy & Nutritional Food. All the students can have access to a variety of homemade lunches, snacks and drinks.

No additional colorants, MSG or chemical are used during food preparation.

How do I pay for food?

Students need to pre-load a desired amount of cash that will be recorded in our database.

When the student is ready to pay, he or she will pass the card through a magnetic field and their consumptions will be deducted from their balance. No cash sales are allowed in our cafeterias, and students must carry their cards all the time for purchasing items.

It is recommended that this card should not be borrowed and it should have sufficient balance at the time of going trough our cashiers, to speed up the service. We recommend maintaining a balance between 100RMB to 200RMB in order to avoid interruptions of our service. The minimum load is 50RMB per time.

Elementary School students keep their cards with their teachers and TAs in order to avoid lost. You can send money to your child’s teacher and they will assist you and coordinate with Eurest to top up the card when the balance is running low.

How do I add money to my card?

Adding money to lunch cards can be easily done in the cafeteria for Elementary and Secondary school students during operation time, preferably not during lunch time to avoid long queues. Refer to main Head Cashier desk for further information.

Chartwells will notify students when the balance is low, you can then send the money to top-up your child’s card.

When money is added to your child’s balance, he or she will receive an invoice informing how much money was loaded. All consumptions are recorded in our database, which can be requested at the school cafeteria.

What to do if I lose or damage the lunch card?

If you lose your lunch card, inform immediately our cashiers, who will block the card in case someone else would like to use it. You will not lose your balance in case you damage or lose your lunch card. Previous balance can be transferred to the new card.

Note: Do not bend, heat, pierce or cut your lunch card or else you will damage it, keep it in your wallet.

Price Indications

N-G1 Set Menu 25.00 RMB

G2-G5 Set Menu 30.00 RMB

G6-G12 Set Menu 22 RMB-45 RMB

Sandwich 21.5 RMB-24.5 RMB

Salads 16 RMB-22.5 RMB

Variety of Drinks 6 RMB -20.5 RMB

Variety of Pastries & Cakes 4 RMB- 18 RMB