The IST Bus Service


IST’s bus service is available to all students, with special drop off times for half‐day Nursery children, and a late bus service for students participating in extra‐curricular activities. The drop off and pick up points will be developed for areas where five or more children sign up for the bus. The bus will stop at a designated gate for each housing area (i.e. children will not be picked up at their individual houses so that bus runs are as short as possible.) We will do our best to ensure that no child is on the bus for more than 45 minutes, although unfortunately this is not possible for all locations. There is a Chinese helper on each bus and all buses are equipped with seat belts and a mobile telephone. The cost of the service in is RMB 12,300 per year (RMB 6,150 per semester) for city locations and RMB 13,300 per year (RMB 6,650 per semester) for TEDA. Please see the current bus routes attached for your reference but note that the routes and times may be adjusted according to demand.

Please note that students need to arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes earlier than the designated time. Bus will depart on time in accordance with the schedule.