Student & Campus Safety

IST has a 24-hour guard and security company contracted to secure the school premises and maintain a vigil on people entering the school campus and grounds. The guards are well-trained and monitor the security and safety of the campus round the clock.


In order to ensure that your children are safe and accounted for at all times, IST does not allow students to leave the campus during school hours unless accompanied by a teacher, as well as having obtained a signed parental permission slip. Students will only be allowed to leave the school with parents or the student’s registered driver if a letter of authorization is received from the student’s parents, and permission is granted by the director or relevant principal.

IST also keeps daily records of student absences in order to more closely monitor attendance patterns and in an effort to determine if a student is, in fact, absent. Should a student be absent when the class attendance register is taken, the school office will telephone the student’s parents in an effort to determine the reason for the failure to arrive.


The school issues ID cards to all persons in the following categories:

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Parents
  • Drivers
  • Regular visitors

With the exception of students, persons in all the above categories must show their ID card to the security guard at the school gate, and wear it throughout their time on campus. Persons without an ID card must sign in at the security guards’ office, and wear a visitor’s ID card. Anyone who loses their card should contact the school’s Human Resource Manager to request a replacement card.


Valuables are brought on to campus at the student’s own risk. Where ever possible, they should be named and easy to identify. Students must give any valuables to a teacher to look after, lock them safely in lockers or keep them on their person when not in use. The school cannot be held responsible for valuables lost, unless in the safekeeping of a supervisor. Loss or damage to the property of students, parents, and visitors The school does not accept liability for loss of, or damage to, the property of students, parents and visitors, including motor vehicles, on the school campus. Students are strongly advised not to bring high-value items to school.


Any lost items that are found on the school campus will be placed in the lost and found cupboard. Students and parents should approach the office personnel should they wish to search the box for lost items. Parents are asked to label their children’s personal items, such as clothing, in order to assist the school to identify the owner before the item is placed in the lost and found box. Quarterly displays of lost items will be made to help students to identify their lost property.


For a complete run-down of health and safety at IST please download and refer to the official school documentation below.