The Qin Building

The original 12,000m2 Qin Building was completed in 2001 and was fully renovated in 2012. Its architectual design celebrates natural light, internal gardens, a vibrant color scheme, and shared spaces for student learning and collaboration. The Qin Building is primarily dedicated to the elementary school but also houses school-wide facilities including the cafeteria, clinic, art suites, the Design Center and gymnasium – ensuring that students across the KG 1 (Nursery) to Grade 12 (Year 13) age spectrum have opportunities to come together as one school.

The Qin Building includes the following learning, administrative and recreational spaces

  • elementary administrative offices
  • internal and external gardens and play spaces
  • whole school high tech Design Centre including Machine room, CAD and robotics laboratories
  • 40 general classrooms (equipped with computers, digital projectors and whiteboards)
  • kitchen and science laboratory
  • whole school ceramics studio and kiln
  • lower and upper elementary inside playrooms
  • 6 Mac computer labs
  • gymnasium (double sized) with floor-to-ceiling climbing wall
  • PFO (PTA) social room
  • dedicated early childhood center and outdoor play areas
  • cafeteria
  • fully operational school clinic staffed by qualified local and expatriate nurses
  • visual arts suites

IST families are also welcome and encouraged to use the school facilities during weekends, evenings and holidays. Interested families simply need contact the facilities office or the director.

A Walk Through the Qin Building