The Han Building

The 18,000m2 Han Building was completed in 2011 and has established a reputation in Tianjin and beyond for its stunning architecture. The design celebrates the use of natural light, space, and color and provides an inspiring and calming oasis beyond the bustle of life in a city of 12 million people. The Han Building is primarily dedicated to the secondary school but also houses school-wide facilities including an amazing library/media center, a 520 seat theater, the Black Box, and music suites ensuring that students across the Nursery to Grade 12 age spectrum have opportunities to come together as one school.

The Han Building includes the following learning, administrative, and recreational spaces

  • main and secondary administrative offices
  • counseling suites
  • student and teacher centers (including the Deli Marche Cafe)
  • extensive internal and external gardens and leisure and private study spaces
  • 30 general classrooms (equipped with computers and digital projectors)
  • magnificent library with resources, specialists and accommodations for all age groups (IST’s library has an extensive selection of foreign language books, including works in the following languages: Chinese, Korean, French, German, Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Hindi, Dutch, and Italian.)
  • 4 science laboratories
  • 520-seat theater
  • Black Box theater
  • extensive music suites

IST families are also welcome and encouraged to use the school facilities during weekends, evenings and holidays. Interested families simply need contact the facilities office or the director.

A Look Through the Han Building