The Campus Grounds

Accompanying IST’s dynamic curriculum development has been the construction and expansion of our world class, purpose-built school campus, the first and largest in Tianjin. IST is situated on 7.2 hectares of park-like grounds in a residential zone, and has 30,000m2 of outstanding facilities to support its academic, cultural and sporting programs.

IST’s magnificent buildings are designed to ensure that virtually every classroom window looks directly into either an internal garden or the school’s extensive park-like grounds and outdoor recreational spaces. As a genuine non-profit school, IST’s volunteer parent governed board are committed to ensuring that IST’s facilities and grounds exist to meet the needs of our students rather than to maximize enrollment, and as a consequence, our community are fortunate to have access to the kinds of recreational areas and green spaces that are simply unavailable in most other schools.

In addition to eight delightful internal gardens and play areas, IST is also proud to provide our community with

  • a central, full-sized, FIFA recognized artificial soccer pitch
  • a FIFA recognized artificial soccer pitch (7-a-side)
  • a 400m running track
  • an additional full-sized grass field
  • multiple outdoor basketball courts
  • a range of outdoor play spaces and equipment
  • extensive wooded areas, pathways, and gardens

IST families are also welcome and encouraged to use the school grounds during weekends, evenings and holidays, so long as they bring their official IST identification card.

A Feel of the IST Campus Grounds