Modern - Bright - Extensive

Although it is the people – the students, parents and staff – that give our school heart and make it such a vibrant and welcoming oasis for learning in our home away from home here in Tianjin, one cannot deny that the campus and facilities are core pillars supporting our mission of providing an outstanding education for the children of the international community living in Tianjin.

At IST we are incredibly fortunate to have a campus with extensive purpose-built facilities that are the envy of most schools around the world. Situated on approximately 7.2 hectares of park-like grounds our school has 30,000m2 of architecturally designed facilities to support our academic, cultural and sporting programs. Our campus has two wonderful buildings: the original 12,000m2 ‘Qin’ Building constructed in 2001, and the 18,000m2 ‘Han’ Building completed in 2011. To further enhance our campus and safeguard student health and well-being, IST installed a school-wide air filtration system in 2014 ensuring that students breathe clean, fresh air throughout the school day.