Grade 4 (Year 5)

Grade 4, or Year 5, at IST is the fifth year of elementary schooling. Further refinements of key skills in the fourth grade are highlighted by greater emphasis on independent study including frequent use of a variety of available resources for assignments and regular long-term projects and presentations. Fourth graders begin to demonstrate high levels of general academic competence, especially with numeracy and literacy, and this, when combined with their special enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity forms the foundation upon which their program is developed. In addition to the learning program provided in the homeroom, students in Grade 4 attend the following specialist classes:

Art: two periods per week

Music: two periods per week

Physical Education: two periods of sport, one session of fitness

Chinese or Mother Tongue language: 4 periods per week

Grade 4 students have immediate access to their own mini-lab of networked computers and a set of iPads with age appropriate educational apps. They also attend information literacy classes in the computer laboratories and library. These classes are taught in collaboration with the homeroom teacher and the teacher librarian.

An Inquiry into:
Who we are
An Inquiry into:
Where we are in time and place
An inquiry into:
How we express ourselves
An inquiry into:
How the world works
An Inquiry into:
How we organize ourselves
An inquiry into:
Sharing the planet
Grade 4 Beliefs

Central Idea: Beliefs and values influence the way that people live.

Lines of inquiry:
  • The beliefs and values of our families
  • Different belief systems
  • Similarities and differences among belief systems
  • Discoveries & Inventions

    Central Idea: Human inventions and discoveries are a response to needs, and are developed over time.

    Lines of inquiry:
  • Inventions in our everyday lives
  • How inventions have change
  • Why inventions have changed over time
  • Visual Arts

    Central Idea: The visual arts provide us with the opportunity to reflect on, and enjoy creativity.

    Lines of inquiry:
  • The art that we connect with and appreciate
  • How art elements are used
  • Our ability to use our skills to express ourselves artistically
  • Matter Matters

    Central Idea: Matter exists in different forms and can undergo changes.

    Lines of inquiry:
  • States of matter and their properties
  • How and why matter changes
  • How a scientific process can be used to answer questions
  • Rules & Laws

    Central Idea: Government systems use rules and laws that influence the lives of citizens.

    Lines of inquiry:
  • Different types of government
  • Rules and laws
  • The impact of rules and laws on citizens
  • Ecosystems

    Central Idea: Ecosystems are made up of living things which are interdependent on one another.

    Lines of inquiry:
  • Features of ecosystems
  • Food chains
  • Effect of natural and human influences on ecosystems
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