Grade 3 (Year 4)

Grade 3, or Year 4, at IST is the fourth formal year of elementary schooling. During this year students consolidate a set of increasingly sophisticated core skills with an emphasis on the development of independent and cooperative work habits, personal responsibility and an enjoyment of learning. In addition to the learning program provided in the homeroom, students in Grade 3 attend the following specialist classes:

Art: one period per week

Music: two periods per week

Physical Education: two periods of sport, one session of fitness

Chinese or Mother Tongue language: 4 periods per week

Grade 3 students have immediate access to their own mini-lab of networked computers and a set of iPads with age appropriate educational apps. They also attend information literacy classes in the computer laboratories and library. These classes are taught in collaboration with the homeroom teacher and the teacher librarian.

An Inquiry into:
Who we are
An Inquiry into:
Where we are in time and place
An inquiry into:
How we express ourselves
An inquiry into:
How the world works
An Inquiry into:
How we organize ourselves
An inquiry into:
Sharing the planet
Grade 3 Body Systems

Central Idea: The human body has interconnected systems that assist it to function properly.

Lines of inquiry:
  • Parts of the body that make up our body systems
  • How various systems work together
  • What happens when a system doesn’t function
  • Heroes

    Central Idea: People from the past and present have influenced and inspired others in different ways.

    Lines of Inquiry:
  • Past and present heroes
  • Attributes of heroes
  • Everyday heroes and ways they can inspire or influence us
  • Performing Arts

    Central Idea: The performing arts can be used to entertain, move and educate audiences.

    Lines of inquiry:
  • What are the different types of performances
  • The purpose of a performance and how an audience can interpret it
  • How different cultures use performance
  • Earth Changes

    Central Idea: The Earth’s components are interrelated and are continually changing.

    Lines of inquiry:
  • Natural features of the Earth
  • Earth’s components
  • What causes changes in the Earth
  • Cities

    Central Idea: Cities are organized to meet the needs of their inhabitants.

    Lines of inquiry:
  • What a city is
  • What people need and want in a city
  • Infrastructures to meet needs
  • How cities are organized
  • Earth Friendly Living

    Central Idea: People’s daily actions can sustain and maintain the Earth’s resources.

    Lines of Inquiry
  • Natural resources
  • How resource are used/shared
  • How human impact the environment in positive/negative ways
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