School Fees


Registration Fee for new students only; payable upon application and non-refundable 2,000
Tuition Fee
Kindergarten 1a: Half-day Program (Nursery: admission from 2y9m, and for students not yet 3 on 30 September 2016; transition to full-day program available in Semester 2 for students turning 3 before the start of Semester 2)

Kindergarten 1b: Full-day Program (Nursery: direct admission for students turning 3 by 30 September 2016)


Kindergarten 2 (Reception: direct admission for students turning 4 by 30 Sept 2016)


Kindergarten 3 (UK Year 1: direct admission for students turning 5 by 30 September 2016)


Grades 1 - 5 (UK Year 2 to Year 6)


Grades 6 - 10 (UK Year 7 to Year 11)


Grades 11 - 12 (UK Year 12 to Year 13)


Danish Mother Tongue Participation Fee* (Optional)


Kindergarten 2 to Grade 12 French and German


Grade 11-12 Higher Level French & German Mother Tongue Participation Fee


Capital Fee (Annual charge and non-refundable)

Kindergarten 1a (Nursery, half-day)


Kindergarten 1b (Nursery, full-day)/Kindergarten 2 (Reception) /Kindergarten 3 (UK Year 1)


Grades 1 - 12 (UK Year 2 to Year 13)


TOTAL (Exclusive of registration fee for new students and mother tongue fee)

Kindergarten 1a (Nursery, half-day)


Kindergarten 1b (Nursery, full-day) / Kindergarten 2 (Reception)


Kindergarten 3 ( UK Year 1)


Grades 1 - 5 (UK Year 2 to Year 6)


Grades 6 - 10 (UK Year 7 to Year 11)


Grades 11 - 12 (UK Year 12 to Year 13)


IB Diploma Exam Fee payable to IBO* (Based on IB subjects opted for by the students)

Grade 12 (UK Year 13) only

4,000 to 6,200


1. The Capital fee is an annual charge and is therefore not pro-rated and is non-refundable. The only exceptions to this policy relate to the pro-rating of Capital fees for students leaving in the first quarter of the school year or for students enrolling in the final quarter of the school year. Capital fees are intended for the ongoing capital improvement of the school.

2. There is a 20% discount on the tuition fee for the third child in one family attending the school and a 30% discount on the tuition fees for the fourth and subsequent children in one family attending the school.

3. DANISH MOTHER TONGUE*: If 7 or fewer students enroll in the programme by 12 August 2016, the Danish Mother Tongue Participation fee increases to RMB31,200; If 15 or more students enroll in the programme by 12 August 2016, the Danish Mother Tongue Participation fee will be reduced to RMB20,800.


1) Invoices for students enrolled for the 2016/2017 school year are sent to paying parties around mid-May 2016.

2) Payment of the annual Capital Fee and at minimum, the first semester of Tuition is due no later than June 8, 2016. By written request the Director will consider approval of payment of tuition on a quarterly basis. Such requests must be accompanied by an endorsed letter from the applicant’s company clearly stating that the applicant assumes full responsibility for the payment of school fees and that these fees are not otherwise compensated for by the company. Payment of tuition on a quarterly basis may also be considered by the Board of Governors under other special circumstances and by written request. All such requests must be applied for in writing and on an annual basis. (Note: The criteria for this policy are subject to annual review by the IST Board of Governors.)

3) As an incentive 2% discount on tuition fee shall be provided to patrons who opt to pay the entire annual fee no later than June 8, 2016. This discount is non-refundable if a student attends less than the full year and shall only be applicable to the tuition fee for students who pay for two semesters at one time.

4) Fees are payable in RMB or in U.S. Dollars. Patrons opting to pay in USD are requested to check the current rate of conversion (RMB to USD) being used by the school from the school’s Business Office.

* IB Examination fees have been estimated based on the current Exam Fee structure of the IB, and will be subject to change if rates are changed during the course of the school year 2016-17. For students opting for the IST Diploma (and not for the IB Diploma or Certificate/s), this fee will not be charged. Full refund of the IB Diploma Exam Fee will be given if written notification of withdrawal is submitted to school prior to November 1st. After November 1st the IB Diploma Exam Fee is not refundable.

IB Diploma retakes are openly available to students in either the November or May sessions. Students must pay two fees: the re-examination fee to be paid to the IB but collected by IST, and the IST administration fee. These fees are varied in accordance with IB registration deadlines, with IST administration fees set at RMB1,200 for early registration and RMB2,400 for late registration.

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