School Lock Down Information


In the event of a bomb threat, the person receiving the call will report the call to the director or principal, try to keep the person talking and fill out the Bomb Threat Report Form, located at reception and by office telephones.

The administration will sound the fire alarm and the school will be evacuated using the usual emergency evacuation procedures.

  • Any person finding an armed intruder or any other immediate danger will immediately inform the school’s administration and help in giving the following signal in all areas of the school where there are students and staff: LOCKDOWN PROCEDURE
  • Use bullhorns if possible. These are located in the following places: director’s office; reception desk; elementary principal’s office; secondary principal’s office; art room; faculty lounge; gymnasium office.
  • On hearing the signal, teachers will check the corridor for passing students then close and lock their classroom doors and direct students to take cover on the floor, preferably under desks or anything providing cover. Try to keep the students out of sight, and keep them quiet. Teachers will not search for missing students.
  • Upon securing the classroom, teachers will also remain on the floor until further instructions are received.
  • The administration will summon assistance. When the danger has passed, the administration will issue further instructions by word of mouth. Teachers should be prepared to evacuate their students to the outside assembly point or to the gymnasium, as directed.
  • In the event of an imminent threat to the school’s security, for example very severe weather conditions or civil disturbance, the administration will issue a signal by word of mouth. They will use bullhorns for this purpose. The signal will be: EVACUATE TO THE GYMNASIUM
  • On hearing the signal, teachers will evacuate their students in an orderly fashion to the gymnasium.
  • In the gymnasium, students will line up and sit down in their homerooms. Elementary classes will line up on the south side of the gymnasium; secondary students will line up on north side.
  • Students and adults will be registered using the usual emergency evacuation procedures.
  • Teachers and Students will wait quietly for further instructions.
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