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Due to the international nature of our academic institution we reside our origin server in the United Kingdom and utilize CDN to speed up access to our static files the world over. In a few countries our CDN is unfortunately still unavailable and as such your experience using our site will degrade a little. We would recommend using a VPN, if available, in these countries and connecting to a European server for best service availability.


Our website has been built to work with most modern browsers however we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and above or Mozilla Firefox for the best experience. Older versions of Internet Explorer (8 and below) and Safari are generally incompatible due to their inability to process modern website functionality. You can download IE and Firefox using the links below. Some aspects of our website, such as opening PDF links directly to a specific page, do require these browsers.

IE 10





Our website is available without a VPN inside China however we are subject to the same bandwidth throttling as all other international sites and each municipality is known to manage restrictions with a divergent force and continuity. We hope to continue to improve our connection speed and availability inside mainland China by investing in new technologies that are now becoming available to the consumer.


Our server has been located in an area that is as universally accessible as possible however some geographic locations do restrict access to international IP addresses when attempting to visit from inside that country. If you find our website returns a 'Forbidden' error message in your country then please get in touch as the information will help us provide a better experience in the future.


Or 'access speed' is the time it takes your computer to connect to our web server and receive the information, or page, you have requested to view. As a baseline we generally serve each page in under 10 seconds which in itself is faster than the international average but still quite slow compared to other business sites out there. If you experience high latency here are a number of factors to consider:

1. Your local network speed.

We serve our data at internationally accepted speeds and most of the Western world now offers local bandwidth speeds of 20MB and up, however when accessing our website from a shared network, such as a business, hotel or indeed school campus, you will be sharing that bandwidth between many other users, and as such your access speed will decrease. Try again during a less busy period or when you're at home, even a 1MB line at home is faster than a 10MB line at work when you are not sharing it between 500 users.

2. Your computer and/or browser.

We recommend accessing our website on a modern computer (intel i3, 4GB RAM and windows 8 or Mac equivalent) using the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or Mozilla Firefox. Download links are at the top of this page.

3. Your local and regional infrastructure.

As discussed, your local network speed plays a big role in internet access speed. Likewise the physical state of your local and regional infrastructure also plays a role in latency, especially during heavy construction periods and natural disasters. These issues may be resolved with dialog between your business and the ISP.

4. Your national infrastructure.

As above but also including restrictions on specific websites imposed by your Internet Service Provider, usually as guided by individual country governing bodies.

5. Accessing during peak times.

Please note that our website's peak load times are between 7am - 9am, 12pm - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm. You may find faster access outside of these times.

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